Caring for Cloth

While our diapers are super easy to use and maintain, they have a few requirements.

Before Initial Use:
Wash and dry your diaper and insert at least one time before use.   The insert will gain absorbency as it is washed and used and after eight washes will be at full absorbency.

Diaper changes:
All solids should be disposed of in the toliet.  Between laundry loads keep soiled diapers in a diaper pail with a lid to prevent smells.

Choose the heavy wash setting and cold or warm water.  You may use the sanitary setting when you need to strip, but regular use can result in delamination of the PUL.  Regular laundry detergent and fabric softener often leaves a residue that prevents inserts from absorbing water.  We recommend using a cloth diaper safe detergent and the only softener we recommend using is Purex Crystals at 1/4 the amount recommended on the bottle.  Please check the list at for recommended detergents.  The detergent used in our home is a home made detergent made specifically for cloth diapers and works well with all of your clothes.  You can find this recipe at as well.  Even when washing your diapers with your regular load of laundry all of your clothes come out clean.

After the initial wash and dry we do not recommend that you dry your diaper in the dryer.  Constant use of heat can cause delamination of the PUL in your diaper.  The diaper should be hung to dry.  Inserts may be dried in the dryer.

Even when all diapers are cared for properly, there will be some build up and it may be necessary to strip your diapers when they are no longer providing protection from wetness or are not absorbing of have an ammonia odor..  We recommend washing on a very hot cycle with one teaspoon of blue Dawn dish detergent.  Most diaper creams are not cloth diaper safe and can cause residue.  If needed, please use a liner between the diaper cream and diaper.